Obama: bored of ice cream


The day after the mid-term election, the President waited in the Blue Room before facing the press at a news conference.

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Obama: bored of travelling back in time and hanging out with Martin Luther King Jr.


Visiting the Great Buddha of Kamakura, in Japan, the President had a green tea ice cream bar with his hosts. He had visited this Buddha as a young child and said he remembered sitting in the exact same place having an ice cream bar

Obama: bored of japan

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Obama: bored of baked goods

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Obama: bored of having his bow tie adjusted

Obama: bored of being hugged

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Barack Obama is holding a bald eagle. Your argument is invalid.

Obama: bored of holding a bald eagle


President Barack Obama shoots baskets with Bill Burton, Deputy White House Press Secretary, and personal aide Reggie Love.

Obama: bored of being better at basketball than the average white guy


President Barack Obama and President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea walk together following a bilateral meeting at the Blue House in Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 11, 2010.

Obama: bored of walking down stairs

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